Pfaffian Stochastic Dynamics of Strict Partitions


Electronic Journal of Probability 16 (2011), 2246-2295arXiv:1011.3329 [math.PR]

We study a family of continuous time Markov jump processes on strict partitions (partitions with distinct parts) preserving the distributions introduced by Borodin (1997) in connection with projective representations of the infinite symmetric group. The one-dimensional distributions of the processes (i.e., the Borodin’s measures) have determinantal structure. We express the dynamical correlation functions of the processes in terms of certain Pfaffians and give explicit formulas for both the static and dynamical correlation kernels using the Gauss hypergeometric function. Moreover, we are able to express our correlation kernels (both static and dynamical) through those of the z-measures on partitions obtained previously by Borodin and Olshanski in a series of papers. The results about the fixed time case were announced in the author’s note arXiv:1002.2714. A part of the present paper contains proofs of those results.