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Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia.

Leonid Petrov works in integrable probability, an area of mathematical research at the interface between probability / statistical physics on the one hand and representation theory/quantum integrability on the other. He applies tools from integrability (symmetric functions and Yang-Baxter equations for solvable lattice models) to analyze the asymptotic behavior of stochastic models motivated by a wide range of real-world questions, including the structure of ice and other condensed matter, magnetism, quantum spin systems, thermodynamics, traffic models, and directed polymers.

Keywords: Integrable probability, KPZ universality, interacting particle systems, six vertex model, Yang-Baxter equation, stochastic vertex models, Bethe ansatz, Macdonald processes, random tilings, symmetric functions, algebraic combinatorics

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In Spring 2024, I am on sabbatical. I do research at University of Virginia, Queen Mary University of London, and IPAM (UCLA).

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  • Conference Randomness and Lie-Theoretic Structures at University of Virginia, March 4-5, 2024.
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