2020 travel


15-17 • Denver, CO • AMS Joint Mathematics Meeting


3-7 • Los Angeles, CA • Workshop on Asymptotic Algebraic Combinatorics at IPAM

27-28 • Storrs, CT • University of Connecticut


(postponed due to COVID-19) 13-15 • Charlottesville, VA • 2020 Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting at University of Virginia, with a Special Session on Integrable Probability

(cancelled due to COVID-19) 18-20 • New York, NY • FRG Conference on Integrable Probability at Columbia University


(cancelled due to COVID-19) 3 • Montreal, Canada • Université du Québec à Montréal, LaCIM seminar.

(cancelled due to COVID-19) 18-19 • Columbus, OH • Workshop on Stochastic Spatial Processes

(cancelled due to COVID-19) 22-24 • Madison, WI • Meeting of the Integrable Probability FRG


(postponed due to COVID-19) 9-19 • Creswick (Victoria, Australia) • Program “Integrability and combinatorics at finite temperature” at MATRIX Institute


(cancelled due to COVID-19) 27-7 • Oxford, UK • CMI-HIMR Integrable Probability Summer School


(postponed due to COVID-19) 17-21 • Seoul, South Korea • World Congress in Probability and Statistics


(cancelled due to COVID-19) 14-18 • Tokyo, Japan • 19th International Symposium on Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems at Waseda University