Mapping TASEP back in time


(with Axel Saenz)
arXiv:1907.09155 [math.PR]


We obtain a new relation between the distributions $\mu_t$ at different times $t\ge 0$ of the continuous-time TASEP (Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process) started from the step initial configuration. Namely, we present a continuous-time Markov process with local interactions and particle-dependent rates which maps the TASEP distributions $\mu_t$ backwards in time. Under the backwards process, particles jump to the left, and the dynamics can be viewed as a version of the discrete-space Hammersley process. Combined with the forward TASEP evolution, this leads to an stationary Markov dynamics preserving $\mu_t$ which in turn brings new identities for expectations with respect to $\mu_t$.

The construction of the backwards dynamics is based on Markov maps interchanging parameters of Schur processes, and is motivated by bijectivizations of the Yang-Baxter equation. We also present a number of corollaries, extensions, and open questions arising from our constructions.

Multitime distribution in the backwards Hammersley-type process
Multitime distribution in the backwards Hammersley-type process