Nonequilibrium particle systems in inhomogeneous space

This talk describes results on continuous space TASEP in inhomogeneous space, based on papers with Borodin and with with Knizel and Saenz, and on some work in progress.

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q-Boson sign

A sign in Boston Logan airport commemorating deformed Bosons

This sign works equally well for both $q$-Bosons and $t$-Bosons, so the choice of parameter is up to the tourist.


  1. T. Sasamoto and M. Wadati, Exact results for one-dimensional totally asymmetric diffusion models, J. Phys. A 31 (1998), 6057–6071

  2. A. Borodin, I. Corwin, L. Petrov, T. Sasamoto, Spectral theory for the q- Boson particle system, Compositio Mathematica 151 (2015), no. 1, 1–67, arXiv:1308.3475 [math-ph]

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Installing specific versions of biblatex and texlive for arxiv


(An update on the previous post)

So, I had a problem - my TeX distribution is new and updated, but I need to submit a paper to the arXiv, and arXiv has a different version of TeX distribution (currently 2016). The main problem is biblatex, which creates an incompatible version of the bibliography .bbl file. For this, I need an appropriate version of the biblatex package.

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A multilayer pushTASEP simulation

Simulations of inhomogeneous multilayer pushTASEP


I’ve done some simulations of a multilayer version of the pushTASEP in inhomogeneous space, in my new simulations gallery.

Technical details and more pictures are here.

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Forward transition probabilities associated with the Yang-Baxter field

Yang-Baxter field for spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions


Employing bijectivisation of summation identities, we introduce local stochastic moves based on the Yang-Baxter equation for . Combining these moves leads to a new object which we call the spin Hall-Littlewood Yang-Baxter field - a probability distribution on two-dimensional arrays of particle configurations on the discrete line. We identify joint distributions along down-right paths in the Yang-Baxter field with spin Hall-Littlewood processes, a generalization of Schur processes. We consider various degenerations of the Yang-Baxter field leading to new dynamic versions of the stochastic six vertex model and of the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process.

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Switching TeXLive distributions for arXiv


Doing bibliography with BiBLaTeX (and having one huge .bib file - mine is public, by the way) works great for me.

One downside is that arXiv uses a specific TeXLive distribution (2016 as of today), and the distribution on my machine is more up to date. Also, arXiv wants .bbl files uploaded instead of huge .bib files (.bbl contains only the references actually included in a given paper, and not all over 900 references which are in my .bib file). The problem is that .bbl files produced by different versions of BiBLaTeX are incompatible (!). So, to upload a paper to arXiv, I need to install a version of TeXLive identical to the arXiv’s one.

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